melanie campbell

My story started in my late 40’s, with the realisation that after 20 years, raising 4 special needs children and living through the turmoil of a divorce, I had lost connection with myself.

I had a feeling of watching time pass by and not living my life in a way that I was being true to myself. It became incredibly clear that if I was going to be happy and fulfilled, I needed to rediscover me.

After much inner work, I developed strategies to ensure I showed up for me every day, and found the courage to be honest with myself and brave enough to face my demons, unpicking all those issues that would enable me to become my best self.



and be true to yourself

Somewhere along my journey I had stifled every part of my creative, adventurous, fun-loving self. I had lost a lot of my confidence and had settled for a simple life.

A simple life is wonderful if that’s what you want, but I couldn’t help feeling I was made to achieve more, experience more. That left me feeling empty, and I realised that it was up to me to steer my life in a different direction.

After my time of rediscovery, a waking up and reconnecting with me, I realised I needed to embrace midlife as a great big fat opportunity. A time to fall in love with myself. A time to understand I was enough and that I could live my best life regardless of what had been before.


helping you be

the best version of you

Imposter syndrome, negative self talk, limiting beliefs make you talk yourself out of making change. STOP IT NOW… Isn’t it time to fall in love with you?

After my time of reconnecting with myself as a midlife woman, I realised that I needed to embrace midlife as an opportunity. It was time to fall in love with myself and know I was enough. Because of my life experience and my training I feel a passionate calling to enable you to do the same.

I can offer you my experience, support, intuition, authenticity, insight, compassion, understanding, guidance, vision, non-judgement, confidentiality & sense of humour.




Certified NLP Practitioner


Certified Timeline Therapist


Certified Breakthrough Coach


How do I know if I need a Coach?

I believe everyone needs coaching, including coaches. If you feel stuck in some aspect or are in need of a breakthrough.

You want to build your confidence, work on your mindset or your skills to reach a goal, idea or dream that you just keep putting off, if you need help with accountability because of self sabotage, limiting beliefs or Imposter syndrome you stand in your own way.

Or help with gaining clarity because you have no clue what steps you need to take. Maybe you don’t love yourself enough and you want to step into your own potential, fully embracing who you are.

Coaching is a big investment, how do I know it will be worth it?

If you look into it, there’s evidence demonstrating consistently high return on the investment of coaching. People ask How will I know coaching will help me?

As most people sign up for at least three months, but more commonly six months coaching programmes with me. Ask yourself six months from now what will make you look back and say YES, coaching was definitely worth it? What will be different then compared to now? What’s it costing you to not solve this problem, move towards your goal or dream and make these changes for yourself?

Coaching is definitely an investment in you, your growth, potential to live your best life. Value yourself and the self you can become.

What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a therapeutic and outcome focused approach working at the subconscious level. It can help you tap into your internal programming from childhood, as well as your thoughts, beliefs, behaviours & feelings. Allowing you to live with more flexibility, with freedom of choice and personal congruency.

Working on a quantum energy level, with the mind body connection. It can basically help reprogram limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome, negative self talk. And you know it can literally change your mind and therefore your life. As you wonder about your future and what is to come, you can learn and find all the answers within you when you allow NLP into your life.



    & find your inner peace

    Discover how breakthrough coaching and NLP can change your life, working on the fundamentals of you and your current reality.

    I have worked together with Melanie for almost 6 months and it’s been breakthrough after breakthrough.

    I’ve stopped eating crisps, I’ve worked through some difficult past situations and gained hugely in confidence in everything I do! Melanie is a fantastic listener and asks really insightful questions which have helped me transform my life. Thank you!

    Anneli, 39 years old