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My services will help you to examine your life, regain yourself, be the driver of your own life and unlock your potential. If you are curious to find out how Breakthrough Coaching & NLP can change your life, read what my clients have to say.


I have worked together with Melanie for almost 6 months and it’s been breakthrough after breakthrough.

I’ve stopped eating crisps, I’ve worked through some difficult past situations and gained hugely in confidence in everything I do! Melanie is a fantastic listener and asks really insightful questions which have helped me transform my life. Thank you!

Anneli, 39 years old


I was coached by Melanie following some difficulties with stress & after my marriage ended.

My confidence was at an all time low, I didn’t like myself, felt lost & didn’t know what to do. Melanie helped me find myself again. I have grown in my confidence. Melanie really helped me understand what my issues were. I’ve made some huge life changes, dealing with imposter syndrome & feeling anxious. Melanie really listened & put me at ease & I was able to talk through my difficulties. Melanie’s calmness, wisdom & professional attitude helped me clear away the confusion in my head. I appreciated having some accountability too, I’m not looking back. Thank you and NLP has totally changed my life.

Sara, 54 years old


I highly recommend Melanie after my experience of working with her for a few months.

She has not only been an amazing coach but has inspired and motivated me in a career crossroads and sorting my mindset with my life situation and in pursuing a new career. She sees the best in you and helps you to figure out strengths, passions and vision for life. I’m really grateful to have had her intuition, she is a wonderfully skilled listener, able to ask the right questions that enabled me to dig deep at a difficult time professionally. My work life balance was way off and Melanie has had such a positive influence in my life. Her caring, flexible can do attitude was a breath of fresh air and I felt totally supported. Melanie is a wonderful person as well as coach and her ability to draw on her own life experience as well as her coaching skills made me feel understood and my self worth and confidence has grown more than ever. This combination of having lived and experienced a lot of life along with the training in NLP and coaching is very valuable. Feeling very thankful.

Martin, 50 years old